The Hollywood East Concept 东方好莱坞概念

    This is a new business networking apportunity linking resources to overseas markets by applying
    strategic and creative brand licensing.

    Mission Statement: 使命宣言

    The Hollywood East organization is dedicated to promoting country's traditional life style
    enhanced by modern technology to include movies, art, local talents and entertainment.

    To achieve the foregoing goal, the infrastructure recommended is to establish the following:

  • Hollywood East Film Equity & Finance Fund 东方好莱坞电影股票及基金

  • Hollywood East Motion Picture Production Inc. 东方好莱坞电影制作公司

  • Hollywood East University 东方好莱坞大学

  • Hollywood East Arts Council 东方好莱坞艺术委员会

    Hollywood Licensing 东方好莱坞授权

    Categories are divided into three major headings 类别分为三个主要标题

  • Hollywood 好莱坞

  • Walk of Fame 星光大道

  • Merchandising 推销

    Then from there you derive additional sub-categories.
Hollywood East